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Most Answered Questions for funniest short jokes

  • A: look in the mirror
  • A: knock knock types of jokes
  • A: knock kock jokes LOL LOL
  • A: I like yo momma jokes har har
  • A: best yo momma jokes ever
  • A: what is with all the enthusiasm these games are rude!!
  • A: I am not into any kind of jokes.
  • A: I am not sure, though I found some on the internet.
  • A: I don't wanna know they are surely disgusting.
  • A: eeew that is grossing me out already
  • A: har har har the ones by comedians
  • A: ellen degeners has the funniest jokes in the world
  • A: wow..
  • A: yo momma so stupid she thinks a penny pincher is a machine!
  • A: yo momma so fat when she goes swimmin in the beach, boats dock on her
  • A: Yo momma so stupid, she got trapped in a grocerie store and starved to death
  • A: yo momma so stupid she put 2 quarters in her ears and thought she was listening to 50 cent
  • A: check yo momma dot com
  • A: yo momma so fat when she watched a move she sat beside the entire movie house
  • A: yo momma so stupid she put a peephole in a glass door
  • A: yo momma so poor the church mouse threw her some crumbs
  • A: Hi dear?well obviously, the worlds funniest jokes are written by the world's funniest people..! LoL just kidding..aren't I funny.
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Funny Yo Momma Short Jokes to Keep You From Frowning
... of positive attitudes. However, there will always be some reason on the way to positive attitude that will certainly bring about despair and overall longing to have a good life. Thus, every now and then it would certainly help to listen to a good joke like the funny yo momma Jokes, short funny jokes or the really funny short Jokes. These are those jokes that are proven to bring about a better sense of humor that will give you a more positive outlook in life and be a better person. Of course, laughing is not just about taking the time to have some really great ...

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Keep Laughing In Your Day to Day  -  ... be too afraid to do things because of the way people think about them, it would certainly be a good deal to have a good laugh and learn to have a good time regardless of the situations and the things that have happened in the process. When you think of yo momma jokes funny words or the funniest short Jokes, it comes down to the fact you want to have a laughter that will be free and without the critiques of others. Freedom is a choice that is given to a person because there is no way to control others. Certainly, there may be rules to adhere to at some point, but in the ...

The Common Functionalities of a Cell Phone  -  ... allows the user to send a message to the person. This is a good alternate when a call is not possible. Every text message corresponds to an amount that is charge on your balance. Using this feature, you can send important and urgent business messages, love quotes to your family, and even short jokes to your friends. A user will be alerted when a new text message comes by a ring tone. This tone can be pre-determined and it can be changed in accordance to the user’s preferences. One can even set his favorite song as his text alert tone. Aside from text messaging, calls can also be ...

Humor and Laughter – the Best Medicines  -  ... medication that brings relief to the entire body. In fact, from the funny adult jokes down to the funny kids jokes are more than enough to bring your body the necessary relief from the pains it suffers. Of course, one might often associate having the hilarious jokes or the really funny short jokes are just something that solves pain. As a whole, these funny clean short jokes that bring about laughter have a wider array health benefits for the body. You have to think of the whole picture rather than just one condition or ailment at one time. The physical benefits of the ...

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